Shared use

Less resources

Less waste



What is RETURNR?

RETURNR is an environmental initiative.

RETURNR aims to replace single use takeaway packaging with equivalent reusable solutions.

Managed and shared through the existing cafe network, minimising waste and resources.



Free to use

RETURNR defines the reuse and pooling economy,  providing the only reusable food/drink packaging that is truly managed cradle to cradle. Free and easy to opt in, RETURNR reduces single use packaging waste & the harm it does to our world.

We promise that we will: 

(1) Provide users with a superior eating experience (compared to disposables) at no cost to the consumer.

(2) Take end of life responsibility for the products we produce.  All materials in our products are either 100% recyclable or biodegradable.

(3) Ensure RETURNR is the easiest choice you make all day, easy & free to use.